Workshop on Security and Dependability of Multi-Domain Infrastructures

Workshop Program now available online!

XDOM0 proceedings are accessible here.

The Workshop on Security and Dependability of Multi-Domain Infrastructures will take place on April 23, 2017, in Belgrade, Serbia, and is co-located with the EuroSys 2017 conference.  

Multi-domain infrastructures are rapidly growing as "the" broad class of architecture for large-scale distributed systems that are software-defined, virtualize resources, and blend multiple clouds and networks. Acute security and dependability challenges, such as preventing insider attacks or avoiding wide-area single points of failure, require novel approaches, both to system architecture and to security and resilience mechanism implementation, to restore a high level of control over infrastructure layers and across domains, and to overcome infrastructure heterogeneity and complexity. This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from security and dependability Communities in virtualization of systems, storage, and networking, to discuss current trends and challenges and propose novel system-level solutions for the design, implementation, and deployment of secure and resilient multi-domain infrastructures.